Just Another Night In Limbo

"I pity all those without wings, may God have mercy on their souls,"
Said the crow perched on top of the CCTV camera pole.
In their basement flat Wendy's husband is humping her from behind
But when he's not drinking he's really quite kind.
When he's done she stands staring out at the stars
Wondering at the point of it all .......
The organist is all alone in church, rehearsing late, he'll make his way home soon,
God's gone AWOL from his heart like a deserter from his platoon.
There was a woman once, she smelled of oranges and of rain
But crucified hands were jerking his chain.
As he locks up and steps out into the dark
The night breaks out into a round of applause ......
The department store Santa Claus is too drunk to do up his flies,
"You've got to creep up on life," he says, " you go head on, all you get is lies.
Listen kid, I could've been someone but the laws of physics kept holding me back,
It's like life just wouldn't cut me no slack.
Messing up must just be written in my DNA.
I tell you, kid, it's tough, best you don't ever grow up.......".
I meet this hardcore girl at the Fatted Calf, I buy her a drink and we start to talk,
She's got some mileage on the clock, her make-up's so heavy she can barely walk.
We click right away, a walking zero and a busted flush,
And we'd get married but I guess there's no rush,
She says "Hey, flirt, why don't you dream of me once in a while?"
And she squeezes my hand like it's the end of the world ......

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