Like Kim Novak

I’m drunk on altar wine and punch-drunk with regret,
There’s torchlight in the wood but they haven’t found me yet,
“There’s room for one more soul in Hell,” said the scarecrow in the Batman mask,
She was tugging at her hemline as she walked into the bar
But she didn’t care how high it rode as she climbed into my car,
“You look like Kim Novak,” I said. But by then she was already dead ….
I picked up this lawyer’s wife, bought her moussaka and a rose,
I said “I have a room where I could kneel and suck your toes”.
Then I held a pillow to her face but with tears in my eyes,
Dawn broke as I drove her out to Strawberry Valley,
And a low and frightened morning sun lay trembling in a tree.
I took a long pull on my flask.There’s no forgiveness so I won’t even ask ….
The lift wheezes as it climbs,the nurse is coming with my dose,
He has a hitman's eyes, I don't let him get too close.
I'm watching a guy close by the hospital wall, beating a punch-bag to a hip-hop tune .....
I asked the lady doctor to invite me round her place
So I could lick off that anti-ageing cream she rubs into her face.
There’s a bird back at my window again, drinking from a saucer of rain ….

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