The Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity (EDI) Vital 100 is a critical tool for anyone focusing on the current and desired state of Diversity in their organisation. It has been created using over 20 years of experience and research by industry experts and consultants at Emerge Development Consultancy Ltd.

Workforce equity, diversity and inclusivity has become an increasingly vital component in the business world. There are solid reasons for this trend and research shows that a more diverse workforce is linked to rising company productivity levels, which directly correlate with increased profitability. Businesses today are recognising the bottom line value of diversity when hiring, developing or promoting their employees. Equity being the process of ensuring that processes and programs are impartial, fair and provide equal possible outcomes for every individual. This EDI tool is a robust online tool that has been designed so that it can be used by any size of organisation, within any industry.

The EDI Vital 100 diagnostic considers seven crucial areas:

Measurement Leadership

Policies and Practices Talent Solutions Communication

Strategy and Action Planning Culture and Engagement

Organisations will gain a distinct advantage by utilising the insight and data from this comprehensive diagnostic and working with

Emerge to formulate their strategy.

Equity will only exist when we create fair

access, opportunity, and advancement for all those different people.


is when we recognise and

value difference in its broadest sense. It is about creating a culture and practices that recognise, respect, value, and embrace difference for everyone’s benefit.

Inclusivityrefers to an individual’s experience within the workplace and in wider

society, and the extent to which they feel valued and included. Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity are different things and they need to be progressed together.

The EDI Vital 100 Diagnostic is most effective when there are contributions from a variety of people in the organisation. This can be administered to individuals in one department, steering groups or perhaps individuals from across multiple departments so that a broader perspective can be gained.

It is important for companies to act now – ‘paralysis by analysis’ truly stifles action and we believe that just enough information can greatly accelerate a plan of agreed action.

The tool explores the commitment and practices of the organisation towards EDI by measuring and reporting on seven crucial areas. It then examines three levels – Sustainable, Evolving and Compliant. It is likely that most organisations have taken some action at each of these levels already. However, the diagnostic brings clarity as to where activity has happened, where the gaps are, and where further investigation or action can be taken.

The EDI Vital 100 offers depth and coverage across seven crucial areas. The questions are a result of intensive research, design and testing for robustness and relevance. The questions are also extremely straight forward and can be answered with a simple ‘Yes or No’ to minimise subjectivity.

Sustainable Evolving Compliant

Industry leading action is being taken Policies are embedded and championed by all

EDI is considered as a strategic priority Communication is effectively embedded in the people strategy Leaders are highly supported and authentic role models of EDI

Leaders are measured on their commitment to EDI

Results are being measured, analysed and used for further action

Lessons are being learnt and continuous improvement is happening

Recognition of strategic importance Communication is happening Analysis of current situation has been activated

Measurement is in place

Leaders have been trained on D and I A strategic plan has been designed and activated

Staff surveys indicate that action is visible

Training on behaviours is under way

There is recognition of the need to act Action is being taken to ‘tick the boxes’ Required policies exist and are accessible

Basic audit processes are happening

i.e. record keeping/Gender Pay Gap reporting

Systems are in place to track metrics Leaders and staff are aware of the organisations intentions

EDI is on the agenda

Basic training has been implemented

Once an organisation has completed the EDI Vital 100 Emerge will provide a thorough report. This is then accompanied by a facilitated conversation that will help to shape a plan of action.

If required we can appoint an expert coach to support the action plan.